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Treating Depression in African American Youth




Pre-recorded Class- 90 min

About the Course

Adolescence is a vulnerable time in one’s life, a significant transition from childhood to adulthood. According to Freud, this time is considered the genital stage where children begin to explore romantic relationships with the goal of developing a sense of balance between all areas of life. Erikson coined this period as identity versus role confusion where children develop a personal identity and a sense of self; and teens explore different, attitudes and identities. What if organic growth and development are paired with racism, social injustices, lack of resources and mentors? One could assume these environmental factors perpetuate an increased level of stress and are the one thing that fall to the waist side when making an assessment and creating an effective treatment plan. This presentation will allow participants to learn about depression in African American youth, review statistics on suicide rates in this unique group, and elaborate on social and racial injustices and how environmental determinants impact behavior and outcomes.

Your Instructor

Zoya McCants, EdD, LMHC, LPC

Dr. Z is a certified trauma specialist and holistic provider. She is trained as a psychotherapist, yoga teacher and meditation trainer.

Zoya McCants, EdD, LMHC, LPC
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