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Dr. Zoya McCants

Hi! I'm a travel enthusiast, vegan baker, Yogi, Food Network/HGTV watcher, and all-around lover of entertaining family & friends! That's me in my spare time. In my professional space, I'm a doctorate level, licensed mental health counselor, and clinical supervisor. 

I've always felt connected to the work that I do and I genuinely enjoy helping folks find their inner beauty, heal through trauma, and live productive lives.  My work involves a space of personal growth where folks have the opportunity to revisit past experiences, learn from them, and take only what they need into the present and future. Trust in counseling is established through authenticity, consistency, and intention. That's how I show up for my sessions with you. So, I do expect that you bring that same energy into your session. Remember, this is about YOU! Meditation, breathwork, trauma-focused therapy... that's my jam! I want you to love every ounce of yourself, hug your inner child, forgive any past discretions, and live in your present moment. I have a team of wonderful educators, clinicians and associate counselors that work with me, and we're all here for you. Send us a question, give us a call, or book a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Dr. Z. 


A little about my experience.

Experience is the collection of moments along your journey that taught you, guided you, and created growth within you. Now, it's time to pay it forward. -Dr. Z



Ed.D. In Counseling Psychology & Counselor Supervison



American Counseling Association- NY Chapter 

Downstate Chair - 2019-2021

President - 2021-2022

Past President 2022-2023 

Historian 2023-2024

Professor 2019-Present 

Author 2023 

Licensed Professional Counselor -NJ


Licensed Professional Counselor - PA


Board Member & Interim Board Chair - Crossing Point Arts


Trauma-Informed Specialist & Practitioner


Licensed Mental Health Counselor - NY

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