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Painting Eggs

Art & Storytelling Camp

Meeting Times

Group meets every Monday-Wednesday from 4pm-6pm. 

Due to dietary constrictions, parents are asked to supply a small snack for their kiddos. We are only allowed to provide a small snack to kiddos whose parents sign a consent. 


Kiddos will participate in drawing, painting, collage making, writing small short stories, listening to storytime books, dance and movies. 

Kiddos Age Group

We are currently piloting our first group of kiddos, ages 5-7. 

We look forward to launching groups for little tikes (3-4), little bears 5-7, and superheroes 8-10 beginning January 2023. 

Special Activities

Special activities such as movies for Halloween, pizza party, and superhero day will be emailed to care givers/parents in advance. 

In club sessions

For Fall 22, we are in session from Oct 24 - Dec 21, 2022.


We have 2 special day groups on Dec 27th-29th. Stay tuned for details!  

Registration and Payment

The registration fee is $25. 

 We charge by weekly or monthly attendance. 

Weekly: $90. 

Monthy:$324 (discounted by 10%).   


Ready to register your kiddo? Send us an email! We respond pretty quickly :) 

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